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How To Avail Free iTunes Codes?

The Smartphone is called as the main gadget which changed the world by killing the distances and providing lots of multimedia functions. Everyone was used to purchase songs CDs and DVDs from the market but iTunes changed the way of purchasing songs. Every singer uploads their songs on Apple iTunes store and we can download it by paying for it using internet banking. Well, Apple devices don’t support downloading songs from any website which provide in free but Android devices can do this that’s why most of the people want songs in free. Don’t worry, free itunes codes is helpful in this condition and if you are willing to avail this then you need to visit its official website.

How To Use iTunes Codes Generator?

What’s better than getting free cash and rewards without breaking the sweat? Well, with the use of iTunes codes generator you can get songs in free. Moreover, iTunes gift card work in purchasing applications from Apple App Store, eBooks from iBook and you can purchase anything which can be done by using Apple ID. The iTunes gift card credit the amount in your apple id which can be used in any kind of payment. To use the generator for codes you need to visit the official website of it. The website is secured with the proxy that will let you have a secure browsing.

On this website, you will see many options but the first one you have to choose is the amount of gift card. These gift cards are available in 10$,25$, 50$ and 100$ so choose the one you want. For example, you willing to get 25$ then first of all enter your apple id in the first column which will connect to your account and it will generate the card for you. After this choose the 25$ card and wait for few seconds so that it can generate code. In few seconds, you have to complete a survey test which is nothing more than the 2-minute survey. Answer the few easy questions and free iTunes codes will be given to you.

How To Redeem iTunes gift card codes?

Well, the process is very small and you have to do nothing. Open iTunes app and in the last, you will be given the option to redeem and send the gift so choose the redeem button. You will be asked for entering Apple account password and now you have to enter your iTunes gift card codes in the blank column. Click on Redeem button in the upper right corner and you are done with acquiring free iTunes credit.

How To Purchase Songs From iTunes?

The process of purchasing songs is very easy if you have any credit in Apple account. Open iTunes and search for the song or album you want to purchase. For example, if you are willing to purchase any of Michael Jackson song then search by his name and you will get a list of all songs by Michael Jackson. Decide the songs and click on buy to purchase. You have to enter your Apple password for payment.

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