An Overview of Roblox

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One of the famous MMO games on the internet that has a good group of followers is roblox. The game typically targets the teenagers and children and markets towards them. In this game, every player is given the opportunity to create a virtual world of their own, online, in which similar players will be able to enter, socialize and play. The game is written with the sandbox edition of Lua 5.1 which gives the gamers the opportunity to change events that are happening to build different situations and scenarios. The game gives kids the opportunity to explore with their imagination as they create their own world, learn about currency and also learn computer programming. Beyond socializing and game play, the game also gives the players a learning edge.


Research shows that children have the tendency to learn things best by involving in creative and complex process of constructing, designing and imagining. When they are given a safe place to build, all we have to do is give them the essential gears and let them have fun. One particular aspect about the game that is inspiring is the fact that it gives the kids the ability to learn best when they role play as builders and designers. It gives the children motivation to get involved with solving difficult problems and building complex structures. The game offers a high level of creativity and is equipped with good quality of discourse that is always spot on.

Free and Safe

Roblox is a game that is absolutely free and you will be able to download it at Play Store. Moreover, they will be able to make their money by means of Builder’s Club. One thing that you can be certain about in Roblox is the safety that it provides to the kids who are playing. There are some inappropriate things that take place in the game but everything is done to put an end to such things as soon as they invade the game. Despite all this, parents are advised to teach their kids about what is right and wrong when it comes to online safety.


The currency that is used in the game is ROBUX and Roblux tickets. You can convert these currencies from one form to the other. Every time that you login, you will be able to get 10 tickets per day. When compared with Roblux tickets, ROBUX is said to be more valuable and you will also require money in order to trade currency. At the beginning, points were used but later on they were replaced with money. You will also be able to earn tickets by selling virtual assets.

When you are building, you might come to a point where it is difficult to proceed. This is when free robux codes will come in handy to help you get out of the spot. Roblox free robux guide is meant to help you play the game in a better manner and also helps to attract a large population towards your game.

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